Contact person:
Anna Hart
  • Forte
  • Graduate school for professionals in the social services
Responsible at MaU:
Eva Elmerstig
Time frame:
03 September 2020 - 03 September 2024
Research subject:

About the project

Every individual has the right to gain safe relationships without coercion. Individuals with intellectual disabilities is part of a minority and research indicates how several sexual vulnerability factors can be present compared to the rest of the population.

Both international and national research indicates a general lack of knowledge of sexuality of persons with intellectual disabilities. However, this may differ on an individual level. The cognitive differences may alter how individuals with intellectual disabilities perceive and interpret the social cues which takes place in a sexual interplay. This may have an impact of the understanding of one's personal boundaries, but also the partner's.

The aim of this project is to gain deeper understanding of how young adults with intellectual disabilities reflect and reason about their sexual experiences The project intends be a contribute of preventive and supportive actions in the work of sexual health and rights for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The project applies a qualitative stance to gain in-depth knowledge regarding individual with intellectual disabilities sexual experiences. Data collecting methods is undertaken by qualitative individual interviews.