Contact person:
Thom Axelsson
  • Swedish Research Council – Educational Sciences
Responsible at MaU:
Thom Axelsson
External project members:
  • Anna Larsson Umeå universitet
Time frame:
01 January 2023 - 31 December 2025

About the project

The school's mental health services was developed and expanded during 1940–1990 in a kind of tension between school education and medical care. By historically contextualizing ideas about students' problems, appropriate treatments/measures, the roles of different professional groups, the aim of this historical research project is to contribute knowledge about the psycho-culture of the school health care and its changes over time. The research questions are:

  1. What were the main elements in the psycho-culture of the school health care?
  2. How did the psycho-culture of the school health care interrelate to time-situated ideals in school, science and society?
  3. What changes and continuities over time can be seen?

The empirical material consists of governmental texts, handbooks, journal articles and acts over pupils who were considered being problematic. The goal of the project is to contribute a background to the school mental health care today. This background will historically illuminate and problematize how views on the mental health of children and young people are affected by temporal and socially situated expectations from school and society, as well as of prevailing scientific categorizations as well as available explanatory models and treatment options.