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The first central element of the course is that students should develop an understanding for how markets function based on economic theories. Specifically, students shall be able to use economic theories to understand and analyse real estate markets. Also, students should understand and be able

to analyse the relationship between how markets function, policy tools and sustainability. The second central element is to teach statistical methods that students should be able to use to analyse real estate markets. The course is divided into four central blocks: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics and Urban economics.

This course is offered as part of a programme:

Real Estate Management Real Estate Brokerage

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Entry requirements

General entry requirements + Mathematics 3b or Mathematics 3c or Mathematics C, Civics 1b or Civics 1a1 +1a2, English 6

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Malmö University provides students who participate in, or who have completed a course, with the opportunity to express their opinions and describe their experiences of the course by completing a course evaluation administered by the University. The University will compile and summarise the results of course evaluations. The University will also inform participants of the results and any decisions relating to measures taken in response to the course evaluations. The results will be made available to the students (HF 1:14).


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