Contact person:
Kim Ringmar Sylwander
Time frame:
01 July 2023 - 30 June 2026

About the project

This research project aims to study the process of implementing the changes made to sexuality education within the Swedish national school curricula as of 2022. This project will address a lacuna in sexuality education research by exploring how these curricula changes are put into practice within the municipal Swedish school system, by studying how different actors work, structure and cooperate in implementing the updated sexuality education. The project aims to shed light on the didactic, pedagogic and political processes these changes engender.

  • The first is a practice-based study conducted in one secondary school and one upper-secondary school in a municipality in the south of Sweden. Researchers will collaborate with teachers, leadership and students to assess needs, analyse, implement and evaluate work with the new sexuality curricula.
  • The second study is a qualitative mixed methods study of how sexuality education is negotiated and practised within a whole-municipality approach detailing the work of various actors working with sexuality education within municipal institutions as well as civil society in the same municipality.