Media technology is an interdisciplinary subject that includes technology, social sciences, economics, and the humanities, theoretically and empirically.

At Malmö University, media technology comprises both the study and development of media. Special consideration is given to questions concerning media production, platforms and channels in relation to their technical, social, cultural, and economic conditions.

Research in media technology focuses on digitalisation, datafication, and digital media. The interdisciplinary character of the research contributes to a complex understanding of our contemporary society and the media industry in constant change. The need for understanding the significance of digital media in such processes of change, from an interdisciplinary perspective, becomes increasingly apparent. Researchers in media technology pursue research in how digital media are used, developed, and become part of our lives, organisations and institutions.

These research directions are also expressed in research that focuses on design, technological development, change and governance in an increasingly complex media industry.

These directions have in common that they put people and technology at the centre of their activities.

Researchers and research projects