Physical chemistry is the study and interpretation of mainly macroscopic chemical phenomena, including for example surface and colloid chemistry, thermodynamics, and electrochemistry, using the concepts of physics. Physical chemistry is also central to materials science and parts of biochemistry and molecular biology.

Aggregation of biological material in solution, the surface interactions of which, and the influence of water content on macromolecular phase behaviour and stability is studied using concepts from surface and colloid chemistry. Transport properties of biological interfaces and biological barriers such as skin and mucus membranes, and the stability of pharmaceutical formulations are studied on molecular and cellular levels.

Core knowledge fields and methodologies include surface and colloid chemistry, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, biophysics, bio electronics, surface analysis techniques, calorimetry, water sorption measurements, rheology, microscopy, scattering techniques and tomography. Some of the methodologies rely on cooperation with large scale research facilities in Sweden and abroad.

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