Cell biology is signified by the study and evaluation of the structure and interactions of cellular components. In molecular biology, molecular or chemical aspects of biological processes are studied. Cell biology targets the compartmentalization of cells, while molecular biology aims to detail the chemistry of the biological processes in the various compartments. For example, cell biology has identified the ribosome as the sub-cellular site for protein synthesis, and molecular biology accounts for the chemical transformations involved.

The research topic also includes various aspects of immunology, exemplified by studies of endocytosis mediated by the innate immune system.

Various ailments and disorders can be detected and monitored by identification of specific biomarkers, and hence, methods to recognize, capture, and quantify important biomarkers are developed and validated. Biological barriers, skin and mucous membranes, maintain the integrity of the individual, and the central features of the barriers are extensively studied using complex model barriers.

Core methodologies include cell culture, flow cytometry, microscopy, electrophoresis, and PCR

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