Biomedical laboratory science is a multidisciplinary discipline that includes both a theoretical and laboratory area of ​​competence. The focus is on the development of methods for investigating biological materials and functions. Biomedical technology is the science that supports product and technology development in the biomedical field. In the area, medical and biological processes are studied at micro, nano and molecular level.

The research is multidisciplinary and multifaceted and includes specialisations in biochemistry, immunology and cell biology, but also an understanding of the interaction between surfaces and biological material, studied with a physicochemical approach. There are strong elements of pharmacy in the research, including formulation and drug stability. It also includes elements of clinical physiology, materials science, biophysics, nanotechnology, sensor technology and biomimetic chemistry.

Surfaces and biological barriers

The research topic includes molecular and cellular interaction at surfaces. Studies of biological barriers, that is molecular structure during interaction in, for example, the intestine, skin and arterial walls, and the transport through them, is a central theme. The knowledge provides a basis for the development of new biomedical technology that can be done directly or indirectly by modifying the binding, structure, activity and association of biomolecules at interfaces and their interaction with cells.

Developing medical tools

Among other things, medical tools and techniques are being developed here that can be used to study, diagnose or treat diseases and other health conditions, an example being the production of artificial antibodies with imprinting technology.

Methodologies and fields of knowledge

Central fields of knowledge and methodologies are:

  • surface and colloid chemistry,
  • biochemistry,
  • biophysics,
  • materials science,
  • supramolecular chemistry,
  • nanotechnology,
  • sensor technology,
  • bioelectronics,
  • surface analysis methods,
  • advanced microscopy and

dissemination techniques and tomography often in collaboration with large-scale research facilities.

Researchers, publications and projects

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Doctoral studies in Biomedical science

Malmö University offers doctoral studies in Biomedical science.

Biomedical Science is a multidisciplinary subject, drawing on chemistry, physics, human biology and medicine. Within biomedical science, theoretical and applied science is combined to provide applications in areas such as medical diagnosis and treatment.

The subject also involves taking into account relevant academic, societal and ethical deliberations based on a holistic view of the human being.

Contact for doctoral studies in Biomedical science: Vitaly Kockerbitov

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