Within the research field of religious studies, various aspects of religion and outlooks on life are studied. The focus is on the significance of religious beliefs for people, as well as how they can be expressed in different societies in both a local and global perspective.

Research in religious studies is, among other things, about how religions and religious expressions change and reshape over time. In this context, societal changes, such as modernity and globalisation, are studied with a view to understand how these have affected and are affecting religious and cultural traditions.

At Malmö University, research is conducted on the history of religion; research from sociological and religious anthropological perspectives of religion is also carried out. It is conducted on, among other things, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and indigenous religions, but also on new religious movements and popular culture.

Withing the didactically oriented research, the digitisation of teaching in the school subject of religious knowledge is studied. There is also a focus on religion and cultural encounters in multicultural classrooms.

Studies are conducted on subject literacy and existential issues, as well as on unschooling and homeschooling. There is a special interest in questions related to sexuality and relationships, identity and power, place and migration.

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