Within the research field of religious studies, various aspects of religion and belief in history and the present are studied. The focus is on the importance of religious beliefs and practices for people in different societies from both a local and a global perspective. In our environment, we conduct religious studies research with a focus on the history of religion, sociology of religion, anthropology of religion, and didactics of religion.

Religious Studies at Malmö University

At Malmö University, religious studies is based at the Department of Society, Culture and Identity, but researchers in religious studies can be found at several departments and faculties. We have a particular interest in issues related to modernity and globalisation, sexuality and relationships, identity, power, place, and migration. Our research in the history of religion extends from late antiquity to the present day. The emphasis is mainly on research on the modern period up to the present. We have particularly strong research expertise in Judaism, Islam, indigenous religions, esotericism and new religious movements, religion, and popular culture.

Religious education

We see didactics of religion as part of the field of religious studies and have for many years conducted didactic research with relevance to the school subject of religious studies. We have particularly focused on existential issues, ethics and global values, sexuality and relationships, controversial issues, subject literacy, and powerful knowledge.

Networks and collaborations

The Department of Religious Studies has long-standing and vital collaborations and is active in several major networks at both national and international levels. We collaborate with actors outside the university and often appear in various media. At present, we are active in board cooperation in the international research networks European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism (ESSWE) and European Association for Maya Studies/Mesoamerican Studies (WAYEB).

Researchers, publications and projects