Contact person:
Catrin Stensson
  • Malmö University
  • Ifous – innovation research and development in schools and pre-schools
Responsible at MaU:
Ann-Christine Vallberg Roth
Time frame:
01 July 2018 - 31 December 2023
Research subject:

About the project

Malmö University cooperates with the independent Institute for Innovation, Research and Development in School and Preschool (Ifous) in a research and development program of Multivocal teaching in preschool. The program interacts with municipalities, preschools and researchers.

The research aims to develop the knowledge of what may characterize teaching and co-assessment in preschool related to scientific foundation and proven experience. Teaching and co-assessment can be seen as tools in the desire for a more equitable and sustainable education for all children. We are focusing on what may characterize the teaching of mathematics, motricity/movement, music, science, and technology in preschool. The research entails teaching and co-assessment that includes preschool teachers, preschool directors and management representatives in eight municipalities and about 45 preschools/departments in Sweden.

Furthermore, the research project aims specifically to reconsider the alternative concept of “multivocal didactic modelling” [flerstämmig didaktisk modellering]. The term “multi-vocal” refers to several voices in many keys, which can be translated here as multiple angles and a variety of approaches.