Contact person:
Martin Lantz Ekström
  • MaU doctoral student funding
Collaborators :
  • 1. Elisabet Nihlfors and the research environment REL Research on Educational Leadership at Uppsala University
  • 2. Lene Foss and Centrum för skolledarforskning at Jönköping University
  • 3. Henrik Nilsson at Centrum för skolutveckling (CSU) – Linnéuniversitetet
Time frame:
09 September 2020 - 15 June 2024

About the project

Research topic

The purpose of this paper is to portray a local school authority and how actors in leading positions reason about their opportunities to achieve school development. Furthermore, what leadership actions in the gap between policy and practice can be observed and how could they be related to normative governance?

Theoretical framework

My base is practice theories, i.e. the sayings, doings and relatings in order to identify the relation between decision, uncertainty and action.

Methodology/research design

The findings will be based on coaching sessions, writing exercises and cultural analysis with superintendents, principals and first teachers in Sweden. Relevance to Nordic educational research / Practical implications Leadership takes shape in human interaction governed by ideas and norms. Research on the normative process at the local authority level is needed to understand how to organize and lead school improvement.