CAKL's ongoing research spans areas such as learning environments, widening participation and digital learning.

Research in pedagogy in higher education

Pedagogy in higher education deals with adult learning within the framework of higher education. Students' learning within formal learning situations is explored with an interdisciplinary approach, based on different theoretical perspectives and with different research methods.

Academic subject specialists from all over the University meet to jointly explore and design academic teaching. Ongoing research spans areas such as learning environments, professional development, broadened participation, digital learning, challenge-based learning and academic literacy.

Research conferences and seminars 

CAKL arranges seminar series and participates in conferences with a focus on higher education pedagogy.

CAKL's research seminar about teaching and learning in higher education


Seminar #1: 12 September at 15.15 - 16.45

 The title is “Practical law, how to put theoretical knowledge into practice”.

Speaker: Gustav Grafström, Police assistant / Teacher in conflict management. 

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Meeting ID: 689 8076 4881
Passcode: 414556

Seminar #2: 31 October at 15.15 - 16.45  

About: The seminar will focus on different perspectives on teachers teaching skills in higher education and how different dimensions of teacher’s work can be conceptualized and mapped out, based on a recently conducted research review.

Speaker: Daniel Sundberg, Professor, Department of Education and Teachers' Practice, Linnaeus university.

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Meeting ID: 668 0770 5452
Passcode: 346687

Seminar #3: 21 November at 15.15 - 16.45

About: The seminar will focus on university didactic models for world citizenship and critical-reflexive Bildung – what could they conceivably look like?

Speaker: Jesper Sjöström, Professor, Faculty of Education and Society, Malmö University

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Meeting ID: 636 7961 8351

Passcode: 978889


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