The Faculty of Education and Society offers professional training in the fields of schools, culture, leisure and sport. The faculty runs one of Sweden’s largest teacher training programmes, offering students a choice of four degrees: preschool teacher, primary teacher, secondary teacher or vocational teacher.

Education at the Faculty of Education and Society

In addition to programmes and courses for sports scientists, historians, teachers, special needs pedagogues, special needs teachers and study and career counsellors, the faculty also offers second and third-cycle programmes, freestanding courses, continuing professional development and contract education. The faculty is characterised by innovative programme design and collaborations with schools, municipalities, non-governmental organisations and the private sector.

  • Teacher and undergraduate programmes

  • Programmes and courses are listed in the language they are taught.
  • Master programmes

Research at the Faculty of Education and Society

The faculty conducts research into sports science and science of education, with third-cycle studies in: sports sciences specialising in social science and humanities; history and history didactics; didactics of science and mathematics; pedagogy; and language and literature didactics. 

Our research is conducted in close collaboration with the surrounding society. 

Contact: Tobias Olsson, vice dean

Research projects

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Collaborate with the Faculty of Education and Society

Let's collaborate. Our researchers, teachers, project managers and students are ready to support your organization. Together we can meet challenges and need for development. We take on tasks for schools, sports- and cultural organizations and businesses. We offer competence devolpment, education, research, assessment and follow up. 

Our research is conducted in close relation to the surrounding society. 

Contact: Margareta Serder