Marwa Dabaieh is a Professor and Docent. She is trained as an architect and BioGeometry® practitioner. Her expertise is in sustainable and environmentally conscious architecture. Worked for the last 20 + years in the field of zero emission and passive earth buildings, sustainable architectural conservation, climate responsive design and climate neutral architectural design. Received her bachelor’s degree in architecture from Egypt then earned a master’s degree in environmental planning and design followed by a PhD in conservation of vernacular architecture in 2011 from Lund University in Sweden. Her research focus is on passive and carbon neutral low-tech vernacular methods and their adaptation for contemporary energy efficient and zero carbon building practice. She mainly tend to apply transdisciplinary approaches in her research work following a human centred participatory design method. She received the Swedish Elna Bengtssons foundation prize for scientific research in 2012 for her PhD project. Published over 80 manuscripts and five books beside lecturing in the fields of vernacular architecture, sustainable and environmental design, energy efficient buildings, zero emission design, carbon neutral architecture, sustainable conservation, design and build with natural materials and BioGeometry®. As a practitioner, she participated in several design projects in Egypt, MENA region and Europe. In 2018, she was appointed as full professor in sustainable and environmental architecture at Aalborg university in Denmark where she was the head of the sustainable architecture research lab. Currently she is adjunct professor at Aalborg university and a Docent and associate professor at Malmö University. Her on going research work is a Crafoord funded project on climate resilient architecture called 'Z free home' and a FORMAS funded project on neutral positive Malmo.