I qualified as a social worker in 2004 (Cork, Ireland) and have worked in several countries worldwide. I graduated with a Doctor of Social Work degree from the University of Sussex, United Kingdom (2015). Since then, I have worked at the University of Gothenburg (2015-2019) and the University of Malmö (2019-present).

My current research projects include:

  1. An international perspective on using journaling to promote social work student's transformative learning and resilience during COVID-19: funded by the International Association Schools of Social Work (IASSW), the University of Madrid, Spain & the University of Malmö, Sweden. (

  2. Understanding what works in school-based psychosocial interventions.

  3. Engaging with fathers in pre-natal services: understanding the views of social workers in primary care services in Sweden and Israel.

I am interested in supervising BA and MA students theses in the following topics:

Social work's role in education settings, Hospital social work, Psycho-social supports & therapeutic interventions, Community work, Critical social work, International social work, Social work education.


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