Michael Strange är Docent i Internationella Relationer vid Institutionen för globala politiska studier. Han har tidigare arbetat vid universiteten i Roskilde och Essex. Han har studerat på Statsvetenskapliga institutionen vid University of Essex, har en masterexamen i Internationella relationer och en doktorsexamen i Ideologi och diskursanalys (handledare: Aletta Norval).

Extended description:

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His research and teaching is radically interdisciplinary but focused on core questions of political agency and democratic engagement. In that context he works on Artificial Intelligence, health, trade, and migration. He has published in journals and books within Global Political Economy, Civil Society, Media, Political Science, Critical Geography, Participatory Design, and AI.

Winner of the 2023 'Global Engagement' award at Malmö University for research and teaching activities, related to work on health politics and new developments involving artificial intelligence.

He has been a coordinator for several research platforms, including Collaborative Future-Making (CFM) and Rethinking Democracy (REDEM). In 2019 he received funding for the STINT project 'Precision Health and Everyday Democracy' (PHED) which between 2020 and 2023 hosted the PHED Commission on the Future of Healthcare which received expert evidence from the Skåne region and internationally to produce two publicly accessible reports in Swedish and English. In turn, PHED provides the context for a new research environment focused on AI and healthcare which included a successful application written by Strange which received over 10MSEK co-financed by the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program – Humanities and Society (WASP-HS) titled 'AI and the Everyday Political-Economy of Global Health' which enabled the recruitment of an associate senior lecturer and 2 PhDs. He has organised several major workshops on participation and AI, working with a wide range of academic and non-academic organisations. Strange is also a Conversation Leader within the Future-Making Academy co-organised by Forum for Social Innovation Sweden. He is also a member of the Citizen Health platform at Malmö University. He is regularly invited as a keynote as well as media commentator, and has been asked to give expert evidence to numerous context including the UK parliament and Chatham House. His current work includes developing new participatory approaches towards AI in healthcare, as well as healthcare politics, municipal contestation, and civil society in trade politics.

Invited keynote (online) presentation with Michael Strange ’ What does AI mean for the future of democracy?’ at the international conference “Artificial Intelligence, Public Policy, and Humanity Education” at Geumgang University, June 30, 2021, Seoul, South Korea. Link.