Vanja Lozic is an associate professor in educational sciences who conducts research on education, educational sociology and partnerships against juvenile delinquency. He focuses on anti-oppressive education, ethnicity, multiculturalism, gender, disability, youth cultures, and work-integrated learning. Previously, he was a research manager and project manager for Malmö University, Malmo municipality, and The Swedish National Agency for Education. Lozic is a steering committee member for ROCIT, a research school among eight Swedish universities.

Lozic's current research focuses on the subtle forms of exclusion, marginalisation, and maltreatment experienced by school students and teachers. He uses "microaggression" to describe these maltreatments, which often go unrecognised. Previously, I researched the governance of juvenile delinquency in multi-ethnic Sweden as part of a project financed by The Swedish Research Council. I researched how museums contribute to national identities and teacher challenges in educating high-functioning autistic students. My doctorate thesis was "I historiekanons skugga: Historieundervisning och identitetsformering i 2000-talets mångkulturella samhälle." Watch a video presentation of my thesis.