Morten Timmermann Korsgaard is Associate professor of education at the department of Childhood, Education and Society, and chair of the research group Philosophical studies in education (PSE).

My research is focused on the Philosophy of Education, Educational Theory and History, inclusive education, and the work of Hannah Arendt. My recent research activities have pursued three different lines of inquiry.

The first line of inquiry is an ongoing engagement with the philosophical and educational thinking of Hannah Arendt. This ranges from an analysis of her central concepts such as plurality, natality and judgement, and their implication for education, to her contested separation of the sphere of education from the political sphere of human interaction.

My second research interest is an extension of my work with Hannah Arendt in that it is an exploration into the field of Inclusive Education based on Hannah Arendt’s educational thinking. In this work, I tried to put educational questions first in an otherwise politically, ethically and economically driven inclusion agenda.

Thirdly I have an active interest in Educational Theory and History. I have worked on the relation between Educational Theory and other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, as well as on concepts such as Bildung, exemplarity and pedagogical tact.