Alice Porsfelt and Julie Goodrich – Oral histories about DIY music in Malmö

Torsdag 25 april, 13:15 - 15:00
Scylla SC2-314, Nordenskiöldsgatan 6

Seminariet för public humanities vid Institutionen för samhälle, kultur och identitet gästas av Alice Porsfelt och Julie Goodrich.


“You bend it and you tend it and you do as you want: Oral histories about DIY music in Malmö”. Sammanfattning: We have co-authored a project in which we gathered oral histories from people active in Malmö's underground music scene from the 1990s until the present. We explore the urban influences and impacts on Malmö's DIY venues and svartklubbar while the city has undergone changes. An exhibition based on this project will be displayed at Malmö stadsarkivet from winter to spring 2024. During this seminar, we plan to discuss details of our project's methods and findings. Ordförande: Robert Nilsson Mohammadi.

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