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Martin Grander
01 februari 2019 - 31 januari 2024


Since the 1990s, Swedish municipalities and the Swedish state have used area-based initiatives to improve living conditions in marginalized, stigmatized areas. However, instead of addressing the structural causes for urban inequality, many of these initiatives focus on surface level improvements to the neighbourhood through renovation, cleaning up the living environment, and engaging residents in questions surrounding physical improvements to the neighbourhood; these initiatives can be summarized as ABIs with a focus on cleanliness.

If authorities aim to improve living conditions in marginalized areas and there is a strong focus on surface level change and cleanliness, it is necessary to understand the role of ideas around cleanliness in area-based development.

The purpose of this study is to understand how cleanliness as a discourse and ideology is used and understood by residents of marginalized areas and civil servants working with the development of these areas.