Eva Davidsson
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Eva Davidsson
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  • CERN
  • University of Liverpool
  • ESS (Sverige)
  • Lunds universitet (Sverige)
  • Vattenhallen (Sverige)
  • European School Net (Belgien)
  • Köpenhamns universitet (Danmark)
  • Experimentarium (Danmark)
01 september 2022 - 01 augusti 2024


The interest for STEM subjects in school among 15-year-old in many western countries is, according to the PISA-studies (e.g. OECD, 2016; 2019), often low. Other studies point to high interest and engagement regarding new research, technological applications and science communicated in a popularised way (e.g. Davidsson, 2009). There is thus a gap between STEM subjects taught in school and the access to new STEM research results. In order to bridge this gap, research suggests promoting the relevance of science and to promote issues of creativitity and problem solving in science.

This project addresses enhanced relevance of science for students by turing to science teachers in EU and offering digital online teaching and learning resources free to use, concering state-of-the-art research and the physics behind particle accelerators. This will be done through a massive open online course (MOOC).

The project brings together different actors, for creating a joint resource for science teachers. This means that the project benefits from the expert knowledge of particle accelerators, science education research, teacher practice in classrooms and science and technology centres, and online professional development courses. The project will construct the online resource but also evaluate and explore teachers experiences from the course as well as from their use in classroom and non-classroom settings.